Martin Ridder

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Tel.: +49 221 71595250

Our services for your business

Curation and bulk orders

Unique fine art prints are not only a highlight for your home - they are the perfect fit for commercial spaces too. Restaurants, Hotels, Medical Practices, Start-Ups, Co-Working spaces - every room that is made for people greatly benefits from art. We offer curation and advisory for businesses and larger volume orders from our public generative systems. Contact us for art advice, curation and a non-binding quote.

Your custom generative art system

Customized art systems for businesses, architecture and interior design projects.

Our system open up new visual possibilities of practically infinite variability, enabling us to equip even the biggest interior projects, hotels, medical practices and establishments with large numbers of one-of-a-kind artworks - all while maintaining visual coherence and boosting brand recognition.

We conceive, design and code all systems in-house and in close coordination with you or your design team. This allows us to be responsive to your individual ideas and needs, flexible and in full control from start to finish.

Together with our experienced production partners who specialize in art printing and framing, we offer an all-in-one wall-art solution for your project, from idea, design and code, to production and delivery.

Contact us to discuss your project with our team.