Don't settle for the ordinary!

If we had to put it in one sentence: Generative art is an artistic collaboration between humans and machines. Code as an artistic medium asks deep and important questions: What does it mean to be human? What is creativity? What systems do we design and how are they influencing us and our societies?

Today, it is impossible to live a life without interacting with digital systems one way or another. Code shapes our cities, the design of products from a tiny screw to jumbo jets. It shapes our commute, our jobs, our productivity, our leisure. It shapes our education, our communication, our relationships and even love. It shapes how we think of ourselves and others. It shapes who we are.

Imagining a world with better systems requires exploration and pushing the boundaries of how we perceive and think about the fabric of our society. Art has always done exactly that. Using code as the artistic medium is the natural conclusion. With each system, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with code and take you with us to the forefront of artistic innovation.

code x art x you


Our generative art systems are based on algorithms, sets of rules and mathematical formulas. While we as artists define the underlying structure and general direction of each system we enrich it by deliberately introducing layers of randomness into the algorithms. This way, our systems open up new visual spaces of possibility, ranging from more narrow design explorations of specific styles and ideas to systems with practically infinite variability and surprising emergent visual properties, waiting to be discovered.


We are generative art purists. Every single point, line, shape and element in each of our systems is 100% generated by code. There are no predefined assets or images in use. This gives each artwork a truly unique fingerprint. Every edition exists only once - no two lines are ever alike. Variation can be found in the smallest elements to the largest overall structures and compositions. Uniqueness of itself is not a merit, but like in us humans, it is an intrinsic property of each unique edition. We value humans for being human. We value art for being art. Both would not be possible without intrinsic uniqueness.


As artists it is quite scary for us to give up control of crucial parts of our artistic process, but we believe you have way more intuition, knowledge and expertise in design and art than most want you to believe. In democratising the access to generative art systems the gallery for your unique editions is not some whitecube, but your own home. The curatorial decision should not be ours, but yours and yours alone. That's why we made you a vital part of the process.

āyke (ಆಯ್ಕೆ) means:

1) the act, process, or possibility of choosing; selection.

2) that which is selected or chosen.

We are āyke,

a young generative art boutique & agency from Cologne, Germany, in the pursuit of rethinking highest-quality wall art. We are united in our love of design and innovative technology. Bringing these together in a meaningful, creative and exciting way is our passion. We want the future, beautiful!